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The Clubhouse Extension For Entrepreneurs!

A free Clubhouse CRM to manage your relationships on Clubhouse!

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Keep Organized & Manage Relationships on Clubhouse!

A free tool to help you remember your conversations on clubhouse. There are many benefits using this application, here is what you can do!

  • Manage your list of contacts you made on Clubhouse.
  • Create your own profile and share it with your audience to get booked meetings.
  • Add your social media accounts and your website for people to connect with you.
  • Create notes about your last conversation with the people you connect with.
  • Export all your connections from clubhouse to a spreadsheet (download .CSV) and import it to any system of your choice.

Live data of relationships built.

Relationships are managed by a campaign progress which indicates how each member engages with the relationships built on clubhouse.


Learn how to use our Clubhouse Extension 👋 📊

Our video shows you how to use our tools to help you manage your connections on Clubhouse. What's the point in following people if you dont follow up?

We all make great connections on Clubhouse and speak to hundreds of people within the app constantly, but how do you remember your conversations?

I built this tool so you can manage every step of the way. In this video we will be going over each step.

Shaquel Simpson-Kothari
I built a FREE Clubhouse extension App to help Entrepreneurs manage their connections ...

I built a Clubhouse extension to help Entrepreneurs find the right people to connect with!

What's the point in following people if you dont follow up? I created this free Clubhouse extension so you can manage your relationships a free CRM system. is a free software, you can donate anything you wish to help fund this project.